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Harry Miller has been a professional artist since 1980. Among his credentials is experience in illustration, drafting, design, and mechanical engineering. His career has included positions in the electronics, medical, petroleum, aerospace, and defense industries.

Using degrees in Technical Illustration, Mechanical Design, and Commercial Art, he captures every minute detail of the subject to create a bold statement that will be cherished for generations and years to come.

Harry's love of the motorcycle inspired him to create original art to celebrate the pioneers and highest achievers in flat track, motocross, road, pineboard, and sidecar racing. His unique collections also include portraits of select European racers. In order to capture the full spectrum of the motorcycle experience, Harry also created the 'Special Places' Series and 'Couples and Decades' Series.

Many of the portraits in the Motorcycle Art Collections are available for sale either as Artist's Proofs, Signed and Numbered Prints, or Posters. In some cases, the one-of-a-kind Originals are offered as well.

The range of Harry's commissioned art includes airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles and their riders, as well as trucks. He has also designed homes and drawn professionally-detailed elevations and plans, including structural, electrical, and HVAC. His art has also been used as graphics on various websites and featured on magazine covers.

What can Harry create for you?

Home > About Us

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