Gary Nixon

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Gary Nixon

Gary Nixon
Item #: FTR-GN-AP

Gary wanted to be a baseball player but became a local drag racing champion at the age of 15. He then took up scrambles and quickly won races. By 1966 he was second only to Bart Markel in the AMA Grand Nationals. His best season ended in 1967 with five victories, including the Daytona 200 and his first national championship. He repeated the title the following year. Gary represented the United States several times during the British-American match races of the 1970s. He won the World Prize Formula 750 Road Racing and was named the AMA's Pro Athlete of the Year in 1976. After claiming 10 AMA National victories and over 150 Grand National finishes, he retired in 1979.

Price : $250.00

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Gary Nixon

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