Max Deubel and Emil Hoerner

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Max Deubel and Emil Hoerner

Max Deubel and Emil Hoerner
Item #: SR-MDEH-P

Max started racing in 1935 and posted his first win in 1957. He won every race thereafter and became a BMW factory racer in 1969. Emil joined him in 1961. The pair won their first Grand Prix and Isle of Man TT later that year. The duo set a TT track record of 90.70mph for sidecars the following year and more championships followed in 1963, 1964, and 1965. Their final TT was unusual in that they originally placed second, but because the winners were disqualified due to a fuel technicality, Max and Emil were declared the winner. Three months later, the decision was reversed and they were returned to second place. At the end of 1966, both men retired from racing.

Price : $75.00

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Max Deubel and Emil Hoerner

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