The 1963 BSA Goldstar Clubman

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The 1963 BSA Goldstar Clubman

The 1963 BSA Goldstar Clubman

In 1937, Wal L. Handley won a three-lap race on a heavily-tweaked, BSA 500cc Empire Star at the Brooklands Speed Bowl. By winning the race with an average speed of 102.77mph, he was awarded the Brooklands Gold Star. The following year BSA produced the first Gold Stars and they were an instant success. Gold Stars were all hand-built and were capable of 90mph right out of the box. After World War II, Gold Star production and racing resumed -- and the Gold Star continued its winning ways. Over the years the company refined the engine, transmission, and frame in both the 350cc and 500cc models. These changes paid off as the Gold Star consistently won in road racing, trials, scrambles, and TTs. The last model was produced in 1963. Today the Gold Star is highly prized by motorcycle racers and collectors alike.

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The 1963 BSA Goldstar Clubman

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