Leslie Parkhurst and Fred Ludlow

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Leslie Parkhurst and Fred Ludlow

Leslie Parkhurst and Fred Ludlow
Item #: PR-LPFL-P

Leslie (right), was Harley-Davidson's first factory racer and became one of the top racers of the 1910s and 1920s. He won the 100-mile National in New York in 1915 and 1916 and after World War I ended, wasted no time by winning two 200-mile Nationals in 1919. The following year Leslie broke the existing mileage record for a 24-hour solo run and set several speed records on Daytona Beach. He raced for Excelsior in 1921 but returned to Harley-Davidson in 1922. He passed away in 1972. In the 1910s, there was no better pine board racer than Fred -- however, his greatest accomplishments were on the dirt tracks. Indian gave him one of its new eight-valve racers in 1914 and he soon won most of the southern California races. In 1916 and 1917, he rode in several endurance runs and earned perfect scores. After World War I, he was hired by Harley-Davidson as a factory racer and became one of the famous "Wrecking Crew," as the team was known. When Harley sent some of its top riders to Daytona Beach to attempt speed records in 1920, Fred set a speed record of 103mph on the rough beach sand while riding a single cylinder bike. Later, as a sidecar passenger with Leslie Parkhurst, the twosome set a record of 90mph (portrait). In 1921, Fred won five national championships at the Dirt Mile in Syracuse, New York. He later attempted speed records and in 1936 posted 128.57mph on an Indian Sport Scout. He rode another Indian Sport Scout to a new Class C record of 115.226mph in 1938. He died in 1984 at the age of 89.

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Leslie Parkhurst and Fred Ludlow

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